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film scanning and archival printing

High Resolution Film Scanning

Digital cameras produce great high quality images especially those with full frame sensors. Many image libraries however, set minimum files sizes above the maximum obtainable from most 35mm systems. One solution is to upscale the image. Even though current software can do this quite well, it cannot reveal any more detail  in the image. Solution: take on film and scan. This is ideal for 35mm and even more so for medium format since digital photography at this size is still beyond most people's budget.

Or maybe you need to scan all those negatives or transparencies you made before moving to digital.

We provide a high resolution film scanning service for 35mm and medium format images up to 6x9 to both professional and amateur photographers alike.

Scanning up to 4800ppi for 35mm and 3200ppi (uninterpolated) for MF, both at 24 or 48 bit. We use a dedicated film scanner and can produce files up to 90Mb 24-bit (35mm) for output at for example 300ppi up to 60x40 cm, and 175Mb 24-bit (6x7) or 75x61 cm, again at 300ppi.


Archival Printing

We also produce and mount prints to FATG conservation level 2 from images supplied on CD using a high end printer with pigment inks at sizes up to 32.5 x 48.0 cm, 12.8 x 18.9 ins.(max.), which are lightfast for 75 - 100 years or more when displayed under appropriate conditions.


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